Hello, I'm a student studying machine learning based in Cambridge, MA!

Bryan Gass

Machine Learning Researcher

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Hi, I'm Bryan, tinkerer and lover of all things challenging. I received a Masters in computer science with a concentration in machine learning from Worcester Polytechnic Institute. I took particular interest as a student in long context modeling that were attention free. Currently, I'm a Machine Learning Intern at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, where I am using state space models to address long range dependencies within the context of identifying objects within histopathology images.

When I'm not working, I try to remain on one obsession for as long as possible. At the moment I have been enjoying exploring the different ramen places around Boston. I also really enjoy pick up soccer and going to the gym. Previous, but not forgotten, hobbies were building my own cafe racer, growing my own mushrooms, and doing a data analysis on my performance in counter strike: global offensive.

If you're interested in learning more, feel free to reach out. Thanks for stopping by!

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